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Family reunion to celebrate the New Year, the dragon and the tiger jump show grand plan -- Antut Jiacheng Dragon New Year message
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Wind and rain send spring back, snow to spring。

With the sound of firecrackers, everything began to be renewed。

回望2023,Under the influence of the variability and complexity of the domestic and foreign economic situation,In the in-depth development of the "digital transformation" strategy,In the industry development into an unprecedented change and challenge situation,This year,Antut is on a journey of transformation,Actively develop,Aim for the highest,Steady and steady。

Build a solid foundation for innovation with technology, and deepen the layout of independent innovation

With the rapid progress and change of technology, as well as the continuous deepening of the national "independent and controllable" development strategy, Antut takes technological innovation as the driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises, and constantly increases the R&D investment and the depth layout of core technologies。

In 2023, Antut based on the "service + product" dual-driven strategic positioning, further transformation and upgrading, expand business lines, pragmatic development。The self-developed TOtem Suan CDM series products continue to develop and update, achieve the landing of all business scenarios, and establish a number of successful cases, and also won the "Xinchuang excellent solution" and "Beijing digital Innovation Solution" and other honorary titles。

We also cooperate with various partners to help customers build their own full-stack cloud platform, provide comprehensive cloud services that meet the domestic mainstream architecture, convert data resources into data assets, realize the cloud of core business, and adapt to technological changes。In the promotion of GaussDB database,Antut obtained Huawei's private cloud construction project from a state-owned commercial bank,Successful business landing,In addition, several engineers have passed the GaussDB expert certification,And joined Huawei's expert resource pool.meanwhile,As an openGauss community partner,Antut is certified by the openGauss open source Community OGSP Service Provider,Actively participate in the construction of open source ecology。

Market demand to guide business development, to achieve leapfrog new growth

In today's fiercely competitive market environment, Antut has always maintained a keen market insight, focused on future trends and sustainable development layout, actively guided business development with market demand, and promoted the innovation and upgrading of products and services。

In 2023, the number of signed Antut service contracts increased significantly compared to the same period last year。In terms of business areas, the financial industry is still the top priority of Antut services, while telecommunications, transportation, government and other industries are also showing a happy situation, more diversified customer base, business more vertical deepening。Through innovative business development and the integration of high-quality resources, Antut will continue to open up new markets, develop new areas, and achieve leapfrog new development。

Strengthen enterprise support with system and institution construction, and promote precision and fine management

In 2023, Antut will further improve the system construction and achieve precise and refined management。包括:

Strengthen the company's internal control system construction, improve the internal control management system。At present, the company has formed a three-level internal control management system combining organizational level, project level and event level, which has played an important role in the normal operation of the company。In the future, we will further improve the system, optimize the process, implement the responsibilities, and ensure that the company's operation is compliant and efficient。

Introduce an effective management system。For example, ITSS operation and maintenance capability maturity level, CCRC information security service management, DCSC information system delivery capability management, CMMI development model maturity management, etc。Through in-depth study and understanding of system requirements, we continuously improve various management systems, norms, program documents and management models, providing effective support for the improvement of operation and maintenance service quality and software development norms。

Integration of multiple management systems。On the basis of relevant theoretical framework and practice, the integration and integration of multiple systems are carried out to achieve modeling and baselined management, to achieve accurate analysis and improvement of the business, so as to guide the business decision-making, promote business innovation and change, and respond to market changes in an agile manner。

The value of the enterprise has been recognized by the authority

In 2023, Antut has worked hard and accumulated a lot of achievements in various fields。例如,It was awarded the title of "Building Honest Enterprises in Beijing" jointly issued by eight departments, including the Office of the Capital Spiritual Civilization Construction Commission and the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Administration,Awarded by CCID network "industry information technology application pilot enterprise" honor,Issued by the Beijing Software and Information Service Industry Association "Corporate Social responsibility governance level AAA", "Beijing digital Service provider", "Beijing Software Core competitiveness Enterprise" and other certificates。With sincere cooperation with partners, Antut was awarded the Huawei Partner "Double Performance Award" and "Ability Improvement Award" as a gold dealer。At the same time, Antut has also received "excellent supplier" awards from a number of customers and a series of letters of appreciation and commendation。This is a high recognition of customers, industries and partners for Antut's business capabilities and industry status, and Antut will continue to work hard and move forward with great reputation。

Talent pooling development force, all-round accumulation of innovation momentum

Talent is the inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable and steady development of enterprises。After years of team building and training, Antut has a comprehensive knowledge, professional skills, experienced high-level talent team。With the development of business, the company's scale of operation continues to expand, and it is eager for outstanding talents at all levels in various fields。In 2023, Antut will further increase the introduction and training of talents, optimize and improve the salary, assessment, incentive and promotion system, enhance the sense of belonging and identity of employees, create an inclusive and humanized corporate culture, attract and retain talents, and form a talent team to meet the needs of the company's business development。

A pile of memories, a trophy, is the best proof of Antut's unity, collaboration and innovation。

In 2024, we will continue to focus on the established strategic direction, steadily move forward, climb the steps, take the road of deep transformation, achieve "service + product" dual drive, and strive to become the leader of information technology services in the new digital era。

Finally, we would like to extend our sincere greetings and thanks to our customers, partners, employees and families who have supported Antut for a long time.

Family reunion to celebrate the New Year

The dragon leaps forward and the tiger leaps forward

Antute (Beijing) Technology Co., LTD

February 9, 2024

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